There are several to become a part of The Order of Parental Glory. The first is to become a Patron upon which one is awarded the title of Friend of the Order.

Any parent who shares the values and mission of The Order may contact the Lord Protector requesting membership and for a small monthly fee, they may become Full Members of the Order of Parental Glory. Only members of The Order are eligible to receive titles, honors, or Order of Parental Glory merchandise. However, anyone may participate in the mission and prayers of The Order for the preservation of the family, for parents and children, and for the restoration of family values in society. 

Ranks within The Order are determined by one's progeny, but additional titles and honors may be given for Parental Excellence or Acts of Parental Heroism and are at the discretion of the Lord Protector.

Members are also granted exclusive access to the newsletter from the Lord Protector and the closed community of Parental Glory wherein Members may connect, discuss, learn, and encourage one another in perseverance in their vocation.