The Order of Parental Glory is a community of Christian parents for the purpose of the restoration and preservation of traditional family values in society. The Members of The Order pledge to unite in prayer and solidarity with other like-minded parents to pray for one another, for their children, and for the restoration of society amid rising opposition and relentless attacks against the family.

The Order of Parental Glory is composed of various districts, which are presided over by Lord Protectors who are charged with guarding The Order and caring for the members within his jurisdiction.

The Order of Parental glory is explicitly Catholic and encourages the unchanging and ancient Catholic teachings on the family and encourages its members to always uphold and persevere in those teachings. This includes daily family prayer, frequent Confession and Communion, joyfully fulfilling one's duty of state, and striving to do all things with supernatural charity.

The Order also seeks to assist on practical levels by offering advice, articles, discussions,  or video or audio lectures from experienced parents who have fought the fight and have persevered in their struggle.

It is our goal to build a community of parents to strengthen one another in their faith and their vocation and to encourage the formation of Catholic families in virtue for success and this life and the next.